We weren’t the first to do any of it, but we were the last to do it for the right reasons.

We were the skaters, wavers, freaks, faggots, punks, goths, deathrockers, outsiders, and losers. We were punched, shoved, pushed, kicked, judged, beat up, beat down, alienated, and humiliated. In other words we were teenagers. 

But more than that, we were the teenagers who didn’t fit in. We chose to walk the halls of our schools and the streets of our towns as outcasts.  We didn’t know it at the time, but our little rebellions were part of something bigger. . . .

The Freak Table takes us back to a time when skateboarding was a crime, when wearing a Mohawk didn’t get you the girl, and when standing out from the norm meant constantly standing up for what you believed in.

We stood up for the very minority we created . . . US. 

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